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By the time of this writting there are three pages of Gravatar clients written in PHP and listed on Packagist. 60% of them are framework agnostic, the rest are created for a specific framework (Laravel, Nette, Kohana, Silex to name a few). Some of the packages are not maintained anymore (3 years old package), some of them does not have a repository behind (they are deleted from Github). By further inspection it turns out that some of them does not even have a README or documentation. So out of 45 packages (there are 15 packages on one page) 5 or six deserves to be mentioned at all. That's a shame. (See: Phil Sturgeon's PHP Wars post.) This initiative tries to collect the best ideas from all existing implementations to provide an easy to use, but a powerfull tool to integrate Gravatar into applications. Some new, never seen tools will also be introduced.




Integrates Gravatar into Twig templating engine.